Who We Are.

Integrative Care Partners, LLC (ICP), a high value physician network in Northern Indiana, is dedicated to improving quality and reducing the cost of health care in the region.

As a physician owned and led healthcare network, Integrative Care Partners is the purposeful fostering of collaboration between independent physician groups representing a variety of specialties.


The members of Integrative Care Partners, LLC discovered they shared a passion for improving the coordination of patient care across the healthcare delivery system and medical conditions. They wanted to create a network that would improve care outcomes and demonstrate value to key stakeholders.

Contact Us

Sarah Fite
Sarah Fite Executive Director
Kelly Macken-Marble
Kelly Macken-Marble President
Jennifer Ewing
Jennifer Ewing Vice President
Christine D. Saitz
Christine D. Saitz Compliance Officer
Dr. Brian Jacobs
Dr. Brian Jacobs Medical Director

Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Oppman
Dr. Robert Oppman The South Bend Clinic
Dr. Robin T. Zon
Dr. Robin T. Zon Michiana Hematology-Oncology
Dr. John Jacobs
Dr. John Jacobs Family Medicine of South Bend
Dr. Timothy W. Noveroske
Dr. Timothy W. Noveroske Allied Physicians of Michiana